The proper classification and processing of visas for the transferee their family is fundamental to expatriation success in Brazil.
Concept Mobility will analyze your company’s needs and the transferee′s status and will submit the application for the visa that best meets the objectives regarding time, taxes, and activities that the expatriate will be expected to perform in Brazil.
Family Services

Making the transferee and his/her family comfortable in their new home at destination as quickly as possible is critical to the success of any relocation.
Domestic Moves

Whether it is in the same city or to another state, there are many variables and complexities involved with a household goods move in Brazil. We will coordinate the entire move process in accordance to the transferee′s needs and expectations and the corporation’s relocation policy allowances.

International Moving

The mix of emotional, financial, and legal factors involved in an international move of household goods and personal effects make the need for a reliable relocation and move management resource critical. Meeting the expectations of the transferee in terms of timing and the safety of his/her possessions; restrictions as to what can and cannot be moved; and cost considerations according to the company’s transfer policy; and the customs regulations of the origin and destination countries can be a daunting challenge.
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